The Making of the 2015 Hungarian-American Calendar


Are you a Hungarian or Hungarian descent living in the US? If so, you probably have colored post it notes about important events both for the Hungarian as well as for the American holidays.

The Hungarian American Calendar concept was born from the need of Hungarians having all relevant information in one place. Being Hungarian, or Hungarian descent, name days probably play an important role in your day-to-day life. Additionally, if you are living in the United States all major holidays observed have a great influence in how you are planning vacations, family trips, and other great times. On top of all this there are many great festivals throughout the US, that celebrate Hungarian culture, traditions, and heritage. Without being complete the Hungarian-American Calendar in its first edition has these important dates all in one place. One very specific detail of the Hungarian calendars is that the week starts with Monday, or Hétfő in Hungarian, which is hét+fő means the head of the week, (head of seven), and there is a great saying that goes: “Hétfőn még a fű se nő.”

We are very grateful to the US-based Hungarian owned businesses and organizations who sponsored the first edition of the Hungarian-American Calendar. Here we are listing them with links in alphabetical order for easy access below.

Agárdi Pálinka

American Hungarian Citizens League – Garfield

Bocskai Radió

Csürdöngölő Folk Ensemble

Hanmade by Ildikó

Harmony Papp Entertainer Duo

Hungarian Roundtable Association

Hungarian Transatlantic Shipping

Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Magyar Iskola

Lilian Érdi Design

Magyar Apparel

Magyar Marketing

Dr.Rudolf Morgan Dentist

Judit Papp Photographer

Performance Auto Body

Remax – Anna Diaz

Ronai & Ronai LLP

Worldwide Beverage New Jersey LLC.

Thanks to these businesses, the 2000 calendars were printed and distributed free of charge at Hungarian churches, and cultural establishments in NY, NJ, OH. To see more pictures or to order online please click here.

Thank you for supporting Hungarian owned businesses and organizations. Together we are stronger. If you would like to feature your event, business or organization in the 2016 calendar please contact us in mid-November.




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