Custom Printing & Embroidery

CustomPrintingBackgroundColorAre you having a special event, playing in a sport team, or a band? If so, we can print or embroider custom items for you. Relevant details:

  1. How many pieces would you like? (24 minimum); (We also offer one piece printing solutions with vinyl technology. )
  2. How many colors in the design? (each color needs a screen, less color = less cost);
  3. How many placement prints? (for example: front, back, sleeve etc.);
  4. Quality of the t-shirt: economy, mid-range or premium quality;
  5. What is the color of the garment?
  6. When do you need it by?

We have a 6 color and a 4 color printing press which can handle most jobs. Printingpress

Our studio has custom embroidery capabilities. Please call us if you would like to have something done.