Frequently asked questions – FAQ

How soon do you ship?

The days listed next to the items are just for orientation purposes. If we have the item in stock ready to go, we will ship it the next business day. If the item is in stock, but is not printed it will take us about 1-2 days to print it. If the item is not in stock and we need to order it from the manufacturer, and then print it, usually takes about 5-7 business days. Please call us if you have any questions on a style. Thank you!

I tried to buy something and the site froze at the checkout stage. What should I do?

Clear your cookies, if you know how, or just go to a different browser. Choose something else that you using from Chrome, Explorer or Firefox.

How can I zoom in?

Click on the picture, then on the top left side there is a double arrow, if you click that the image enlarges.

What technologies are you using?

For garment decoration we use a four and a six color screen printing press with plastisol inks. For our embroidered designs we use a computer lead embroidery machine. Text and numbers on our soccer jerseys are made out of high quality vinyl.

What is the difference between a Junior and a Missy size?

Junior size means the item is meant to fit teenage girls and slim adult women. Missy sizing is for adult women who are more generous in size.

How long it takes for my order to arrive?

Usually we ship the items in 1-3 days. If the item is out of stock we need about 5-7 days to produce it and we will let you know if that’s the case.

 I bought a wrong size garment, can I exchange it?

Garment Size Charts are available for choosing the most appropriate sized garment. However if it happened that you bought a wrong size product, you can return it, just pay for shipping. We do not charge restocking fees.