I Love Pálinka T-shirts on Sale


Take part in the movement and share the joy of Palinka by showing off your pride with this tee. Now, for a limited time, all I Love Palinka t-shirts are on sale HERE. This special price will last for one week in January only, and will not return again till January 2016.

Hungarian men and women express great pride by not only wearing this garment, but also by the making of Palinka, which is considered the national drink of Hungary.

Do you know, how is Palinka made? Palinka is made out 100% fruit, and only distilled, matured and bottled in Hungary spirits can be called pálinka. While pálinka may be made of any local grown fruit, the most common ones are plums (szilva), apricots (barack), apples (alma), pears (körte), and cherries (cseresznye).

Palinka Festival is held yearly in Linden, NJ. Save the Date for the 2015 Palinka Festival on Saturday, Sept. 19th. We will update with more detailed information as event nears.

Do you have any great palinka stories? Please share them in the comments section.

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